Precautions in Use and Maintenance

"Togiharu" is the registered trademark of "Kamata Hakensha" (Kenmax,lnc.). It is with great confidence lhat we entrust our excellent subcontractors wilh the manufacture and provide the finishing touch on their manufactured products with our sharpening technology accumulated with over 90 years experience to deliver the best end products to users. Please read these instructions carefully before use. We hope you will continue to favor us with your custom.

Precautions in Use and Maintenance

The blade has already been well sharpened before delivery. Therefore, take the greatest care not to get injured when it is used.

The blade thickness and grinding angle vary depending on the density of food it is used on. In the case that hard bone or frozen food is cut using the knife designed for soft foods such as meat or vegetables, the knife may deteriorate faster than normal. In extreme cases, the blade might become chipped.

When the blade is heated directly over a flame or brought close to a fire, the hardness of the steel may be lost and the knife may become less effective.

Do not greatly impact the knife, which might cause damage to the blade or handle.

If the knife is put in the dishwasher, the handle might deteriorate at high temperatures while drying. Therefore, only use a dishwasher for knives with metal handles.

After use, wash the knife sufficiently and wipe off any water and dirt. In particular, after it is used for food with a high salinity or acid content, rust may develop even on the stainless steel surface.

Select a safe place for storage away from children.

Even an expensive knife when it is used over long periods will dull; the sharpness deteriorates gradually. Using a simple quality sharpener is just a temporary measure. Therefore, periodical sharpening with a sharpening stone is strongly recommended.